Valentine’s Day for Singles


If you’re a single gal or guy like me, you’re probably not looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Let’s be honest, it’s usually just another day where you see everyone who DOES have a significant other fawning over each other.

Luckily Sooz is here to save the day. The first thing we have to do is to put Valentine’s Day into a different perspective. For example, when you wake up on this (not to be mentioned day), you just start the day off with the appropriate mantra; “I HATE VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!” Say it four or five times out loud getting increasingly louder and more pissed off as you say it. AFTER the COPS leave, believe me, you will have already helped defuse the animosity in your soul.

The next thing you do…Call up your other single friends and invite them over for a party. Tell them to come in their PJ’S and plan on staying the night. OK…If you’re a single GUY, you’re probably not gonna do the PJ thingy so instead, tell them to bring over their favorite blow up dolls,  you know, just in case they get LUCKY!!!!!!

Loud music and free flowing alcohol is the answer here folks. The louder the music the better; this, along with the alcohol, will not only help liven your spirits, you may get to know your neighbors a WHOLE lot better. Just make sure if they DO come over and want you to turn it down, invite them in and treat them well. You may NEED them again NEXT Valentine’s Day.

Last but not least, after everyone has had a few, sit together in a central location, like girl scout camp, and have everyone tell their BEST/WORST Valentine’s Day story. It’s surprising what you will hear, some are hilarious, some are sad, but hey…Misery loves company right? Trust me on this one, this beats the HELL outta staying alone at home and cursing at the world…USUALLY!!!!! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!!!

Until Later…



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