Building Strong Relationships For Dummies


First off, let me just say that I am NOT an expert in this field. However, after spending countless time and money interviewing many qualified people, (like those NOT divorced), and with EXTENSIVE research on Wikipedia, I now feel that I can write this article with ALMOST reasonable confidence sort of…

Let me just say that the MOST important thing in ANY relationship is great communication skills. This does NOT mean just using the phrases…”What’s for dinner”, or “Do you think this dress makes me look FAT?” They should also be more personal and intimate in nature like, “I’m really HORNY, how about having sex tonight?” This way, it shows that you find each other attractive and will insure your sensual intentions.

Another very important key in building a strong relationship is in having date night at least once a week. This doesn’t HAVE to be an expensive affair like an expensive dinner with wine, it may be as simple as building a fire PREFERABLY in a fire place, (as opposed to the living room rug), getting naked as jay birds and feeding each other grapes while your servants fan you. The servants of course will have blind folds from Walmart as to insure that intimacy is secured.

Certainly the first two are paramount but probably the most important thing you can do is KNOW how to argue. Yup, sooner or later we all fall into the ugliness of the argument. The important thing is to know how to argue calmly and intelligently. Discuss the points that you wanna make WITHOUT the bitterness, keep your voice at a softer level. LISTEN to your partners concerns and then tell them unless they see YOUR point of view, there will be no sex for 2 months. As stated, compromise is the cornerstone of all happiness.

If you follow these simple little tricks you should have a long and strong relationship, and if NOT….Well, I guess I’ll just have to go back to Wikipedia and start over again…

Until Later…




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