A Letter to Myself From the Future



Dear Sooz:

I am writing this letter with the hope that you will change your ways. Currently, I am living in an assisted living center in New York. At 75 years of age Sue, let me tell you, you have become a total wreck.

Gone are the days of wine, roses, and never ending sex. My brain has become a piece of mush; I was forced from my Upper East Side home, living once in the pinnacle of luxury, to the squalorish neighborhood I now reside filled with drugs, and the ever present smell of Urine.

The Midas Touch I once had is gone, squandered on gambling, drink, and sex. I write this to you hoping that you will indeed change the style of living you are now enjoying in excess. Dial it back to less partying, gambling, and intermittent sex with whomever you wish. Remember, your looks will NOT last forever, NOR will your brain if you continue along this path.

I ran into a friend of ours the other day, a Dr. Becca from DC, she has since retired of course and was here visiting our fair city while on vacation. She has remarried and now has 12 grandchildren. You and I on the other hand, have never married and have no children. Now living in Mexico, she has an estate where her children and some of her grandchildren live. They’re doing quite well.

Sooz, I don’t mean to scare you here, I’m just giving you a real look at what your life will be if you don’t make the necessary changes. Please Sooz, I beg you, currently, you are a successful, well off and happy person. Don’t let these vices bring you back into a world you dug so hard to get out of in the first place.

I love you my dear girl and would hate to think you will end up like me…Alone, penniless, and with nothing to live for. Take the necessary steps to bring your life back into order again. Make friends, get married, have kids before it’s too late, and of all else, be happy.

Your adoring self,

 Future Sooz




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