Stupid Things People Say


Since I was a child I remember people saying things that I thought were either stupid, ambiguous, or Did I ALREADY say STUPID??? I’m kinda of in a crazy mood today so please excuse what you are about to read. The opinions expressed here are from my EVIL twin and do NOT, (necessarily), portray how the “GOOD” me, (YES!!! There IS one), really feels.

“You’re barn DOOR is open”…Seriously??? What the F**K does that even MEAN anyway??? Does that mean that you are considered a BARN and somewhere on your person you left the door open??? Or…Do you actually HAVE a barn and you left it open by mistake?

Of course we all know what it really means, but, why can’t we just come out and SAY it, like…”Hey Bucko…Your zipper is open and your DICK is hanging out, put it back in your pants before you start attracting flies.”

Another one that has always bothered me is, “Think before you speak.” DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK….OK… I realize that every once in a WHILE, someone just MIGHT say something that they didn’t think about first. Case in point…”Your mother wears Army boots.” What I always thought was funny about that is what IF the person’s mother really DID wear Army boots…Then what? You would have to come back with another quick one like, “Yeah well…She wears them on the wrong FEET!!!”

Look, I know we all speak out of turn sometimes, but do we really need a SAYING that reminds us to do this? I mean for the MOST part give us some freakin’ credit, I’m sure we USUALLY think before we just blabber off whatever happens to be in our heads at the time.

There are many of these sayings that bother me but the one that REALLY BOTHERS me on is this one, “Stick and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt me”. WHAT??? Physically no, but mentally sometimes being called things by people, (Especially your parents), may just scar you for life.

Come on here people…. Going forward, let’s just “Think before you speak, don’t worry about all those sticks and stones and oh…Your barn door is open”.

Until Later…

3 thoughts on “Stupid Things People Say

  1. The most stupid thing I hate listening from a woman is the ….mmmmmmmmmmm….what does mmmmmm means? are you so bored to say something so you just say mmmmmmmmmmm…or it means you are horny and you want the barn open and such? and who the duck said that the mmmmmmmmm is actually sexy…lol…..can’t understand why women say such thing.
    The other thing that I find completely stupid is when someone says that he will come at x hour and he comes at 2x hour instead…and when you call him or her and ask …will you come?…he or she replies…and what about those documents we must go there, are they ready? wtf?….did I call to hear if the documents are ready with the actuall mood from his or her part to start saying that am not doing my job well…and from the telephone??? lol…wtf ? are they serious? and when I reply…yes ready we must fill them up tomorrow and also take two others from up there…and we are ok…and then he or she says…why didn’t you take those two today ?….lol…its like they actually try to piss you off for some uknown reason…to play it super bosses..super directors super assholes…super idiots when they are the top minds in a country …yes…and of course when you reply, ..hey…mr or miss…life is so simple, why do we make it so difficult…? and why now you play it boss and you trigger me with anxiety for nothing ???…they reply you are disrespectful…lol…so I am disrespectful because I dared to put it with the supervisor..the boss…the director…because I find their attitude so not in line…but yes..of course…I replied..yes you are right..I am that also…now will you come ?….lol
    Am so …can’t describe the word…that they can’t understand most people the basic principles that life is consisted upon…we are not here to play it tough because we have money or power or we just feel like we can throw incoherent sentences to all the one’s that are down from us and we are above them…that’s not what life is supposed to be…and if it is to constantly bend down my head and say..yes sir or madam you are right..then I deserve that life…and I don’t intend to do so, otherwise when my daughter grows old and she says that one is not treating me well..what will I say to her?…my child you should stand up and say what you have to say and ask for your right? when myself all my life in such situations I bend and say are right..yes…and yes…when they only know how to insult and don’t understand how valuable someone is just because they are blinded by the power that they have ?



    • You use LOL but I KNOW that you feel subjugated by what we call working for “The MAN”. In this case however it means by man or woman, it is the BOSS thing at work. I understand what you are saying COMPLETELY as I am the BOSS of MY company. The difference is…I like the Giving Tree am more sympathetic and understanding.

      Usually when we say Mmmmmmmmmmmm….It means we are thinking about something sexual, OR, at least I am….Hehehehehe….I LOVE your intelligence my friend…You make WONDERFUL comments….Thank you….


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