My Favorite Book


 Since I wrote one of my funny experiences yesterday, I thought today, I would give you a little insight into Sooz the writer. If you read me, you’ll notice that my grammar and punctuation aren’t always the way your NORMAL writer would write.

Sometimes I put 3 periods after a few words followed by a capitol letter and another sentence. I seem to use the word I a lot, why…Because I WANT to. Oh…OK…Here’s another thing I do, CAPITALIZE words all over the place that shouldn’t be capitalized. I do this to EMPHASIZE the words I wanna say just like I am speaking directly TO you.

Now, is all of this a BAD thing…Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s just MY style of writing. I want you to feel like I am right there in your homes, sitting in your living rooms talking directly to YOU. I am trying to make you feel comfortable reading me and feel like you’ve known me all my life.

What’s THAT have to do with my favorite book, NOTHING…I just thought you might like to get to know me a little more intimately. I mean I would like to know more about all of YOU.

So anyway, my favorite book, well, actually I have two and they are both completely  opposites from each other. The first choice would have to be The Kama Sutra, What did you expect, Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Hey, it’s ME we’re talking about here, use your HEADS people!!!

My second all-time favorite though is The Giving Tree. I have loved this book and it’s wonderful message ever since I could read. I can NEVER get all the way through this book without crying at the end. The same is true for the Kama Sutra, except I am SMILING all the way through it.

For those of you who may have never read The Giving Tree, I suggest you do, it is simplistic in it’s writing yet packs a walloping message that all Human kind should adhere to. The book is by Shell Silverstein and can probably be found in the children’s section of the Library. I highly recommend it. It MAY just change your life and how you think; I know it certainly did mine. Talk to you all later…


11 thoughts on “My Favorite Book

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      • I meant will have a look at the Giving Tree, not the Kama sutra …lol, so, it’ll will probably bore me but I’ll read it since its a tree…giving tree…lol


      • It’s all about a tree and a boy? refers to being selfish and unselfish, it has to do with not taking the things for granted but being thankful that some things are given to us with an unselfish way , when at the same time we are selfish.
        It actually corresponds closer to mothers and their relationships with their kids, that moms do everything and kids can’t understand it and at some point they can even sacrifice everything for their kids, and that should be understood by their kids andnot being so selfish.
        It is a nice I guess book, will read it at some point.


      • This book has changed my life since I was a small child. Selfishness VS Thoughtless Giving. Why can’t the world be more like the tree? I have patterned my life around being the “Tree” whenever possible. I STILL to this day can not read this book without balling….I have a copy at home AND in my office. I read it to the people who work for me in Seminars to help develop their sales skills in a Non-threatening or pushy manor…
        I believe if we had more “trees” in the world, we would be MUCH better off….Hey…Thanks so much for following and reading me…


      • If we had more “trees” in the World, we would achieve happiness, love and sadness unfortunately, because the “trees” would even sacrifice everything for the thoughtless Giving but still that would not be enough, whilst them “the trees” watching that no matter how they give, the World is never changing.
        It is like we have constant production of selfishness but without them to be knownlingly selfish but its the nature that makes them selfish till they become wise under circumnstances and realize that what matters most in life is not that but giving, and that’s why its so important the women at some point in their life’s to become mothers and have family, stable family, so to have the wisdom that the “tree” had in that book.

        Now I follow you, personally I follow and without following, its not the outside that counts but the inside..and the inside does not require the actual following…lol


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