How to Tell if Your Dog is Involved in a Sex Scandal


It seems like in today’s day and age, there is just no getting around the latest SEX scandal. Ways to tell if you DOG is having a SEX scandal.

1.        The Hubris SMILE on his face.

2.        There is more of a spring in his step and his BARK is more confident

3.        You throw the ball and he basically looks at you and says, “ Go get it yourself asshole.”

4.        He SNEAKS around your back yard while YOU think he’s peeing.

5.        Instead of the ball, the ONLY thing he chases now are OTHER female dogs.

6.        His nap times seem be be longer AND he has a hint of cigarette smell.

7.        When he sleeps, he utters the sound Mmmmmmmmm instead of snoring…

8.        He walks around with a CONTINUOUS hard on…

9.        Your neighbor’s dog has been UNUSUALLY quiet lately.

1 0.     Your neighbor’s puppies look A LOT like your dog…

19 thoughts on “How to Tell if Your Dog is Involved in a Sex Scandal

  1. I personally got confused at some point while reading it, was unsure if the dog was actually a real dog or male human (dog)!.lol


      • There is another thing that I can’t understand, why is it a scandal on first place?, I mean, ok, the dog decided to cheat on his bitch dog (lol..bitch is the female dog in this case, globally accepted lol ) and why is that a scandal?, just because someone decided to forbid cheating on dog relationships that doesn’t mean its right, we must take under consideration also the following :
        Did the dog abandon her bitch dog after the supposed scandal?
        Did the dog change his usual sex with his bitch dog while the supposed scandal was taking place for the time the supposed scandal existed?
        Did the dog actually did the supposed scandal because the relationship with his bitch dog had reached the point where the sex was absent ?
        How did the supposed sex scandal affect the two parties? the two bitches?
        and lot more…
        As you realize by now, its not right to consider it as scandal, I find it pretty normal myself.

        Conclusion :
        If you ever visit my country feel free to be my …no ..not bitch scandal on the sex


  2. Am only crazy on words, I tell you from experience, even if your were next to me shouting with a loudspeaker “mmmmmmmmmmmm” I would just watch you like I am from outerspace…. lol


  3. sorry for my late reply, I like to take my time when it comes to give pleasure, always sealed with a kiss, for the beautiful thoughts you give so open and with such care. 🙂


      • lol…I wanted something more neutral from your part, maybe highlight the other side, the dark side lol…lol..anyway, since I only used 1 minute of my time the first time and 2 minutes the second time, I could have missed something, now I sound like a boss and you work for me so you have to re-check the coherence of my actions…lol..don’t worry, I’ll act as a tree if your opinion is not sympathized over my


      • Seriously…I understand you just fine. I enjoy the longer more detailed comments.Interestingly enough, after reading your comment regarding the dog post, I agreed with you and actually CHANGED it a little when I put it on Thoughts…Your opinion is appreciated AND respected. I think your English is really very good.


  4. You know, still something does not feel right on that saint pic that I was so obsessed about, the tattoo one….i’ll just let it be and search it later, I feel so idiot that I found the real cached blog one hour ago and with all the comments and then it disappeared because I closed it and can’t find it anymore, there the comments were so against that one that took out that blog and pic, maybe am just too over reacting on this one…I must harden up I guess…I won’t save the World after


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