The Love Letter Every Gal Yearns to Receive


Since I’m the one writing this, THIS letter will be to ME from my handsome and romantic Prince.

My Darling Sooz:

While we just parted not but an hour ago, I am no longer able to contain myself. Your beauty possesses my every thought, and the necessity to express my love has overcome my Human senses. I am but a humble servant in your love dearest, you command my heart, and have been forever embedded within my soul.

Your smile radiates like the sun itself, sending me into a hypnotic state so deep, not even the depths of the Oceans could compare. You have forever changed my life.

I cherish all there is about you, the smile that could silence a million fold;  those lips, red as Rubies, and luscious as the day is long, your eyes, Green as  Summer grass after being kissed by the morning dew, and fiery red locks that sets off a beauty possessed only by a goddess.

Saying I long to caress your velvet skin and kiss those silky lips doesn’t does NOT my rhetoric justice. I NEED to engulf you, I LUST for thy sweet countenance. Deny me not my love, for your love is like my bread of Life. I must possess it daily to satisfy my heart’s desire, and my body’s hunger.

Be gentle with me my love, I am but a man, a man who has lost his will to live without your attentiveness. Know that I love you beyond the stars, and that I patiently await for the time our souls may touch.

Your humble and loving servant,

Prince Charming








13 thoughts on “The Love Letter Every Gal Yearns to Receive

  1. Since am just a humble servant under the heart and soul of that rose, called female, my comment can’t be other than :
    Red lips, luscious lips, silky lips, velvet skin, green eyes, romantic, handsome, prince !, …..
    First of all, all those that he worships now your prince are you sure are real and hold into the pass of time, through the waves, hurricanes, storms and all the ups and downs?, for me it seems more physical rather than deep emotional through soul, so it can’t be embedded into his soul as he wrote to you, he is lying, fire him!, lol.
    Secondly, please stop viewing together all those fairytales and nice movies with princes and white horses and wars that are made for saving the princess from the denial of being the wife of the prince because the two kingdoms have differences…and at the end of course the prince has saved the princess and got married but at the process of course only some hundreds of people died…but hey…its for a good cause…lol…
    Third, if he has lost the will to live without your attendi..that….lol, and he loves you beyond the stars that he has never reached so to understand how incoherent that is as the stars you may see can actually not exist as the light travells with 300 thousands miles per hour and so when it reaches the light of the star the Earth, it means that thousands of year may have passed, so its an illusion…does he mean that his love is an illusion as well? and if yes then I understand that he can’t understand that he cant wait patiently as it might take hundreds of years for their souls to reach as the light of a star does…lol.

    Anyway, sorry..I have limited time to comment but I found it fascinating and logged in quickly to respond….lol


    • When I wrote this I of course realized that this was a fantasy. First of all, I can’t IMAGINE anyone writing a letter like this in today’s age to ANY woman. Certainly men /women can be romantic but I can’t conceive of any of them writing a letter like this. That’s why I said that is something every girl YARNS for,(Yet…Never gets). Sad really…Women NEED romance, we crave it and yet, because of the male/female differences in thinking, we are lucky if we acquire the warm loving touch of love as opposed to to the passionate lust of sex.That was my point of the post…


      • My first relationship lasted 8 years, we never had sex, it was platonic kind of love, both wanted it and no one had the need to take it further than what we felt.
        Yes, the point of this post tells exactly what is wrong with women nowdays, they expect too much and they are not simple, they start with sex and then expect love, It is not sad as you wrote, it is just normal since you act with tht way and the romance is clearly connected with sex, if a male don’t be romantic…no sex, because you start wrong, its not sex that brings love but the opposite.


      • Many times in a man’s mind sex=love and romance…It DOESN’T!!! I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with wanting sex, Hell, God knows with MY sexual appetite I NEED it, it’s just that we really would like the romantic love too…Call us crazy but that’s how we’re wired…:)


  2. Now I have more time to spend for commenting. 🙂 I was right after all, reading it more carefully I noticed you highlighted two words, actually 4 but ok, lets do it with 2 and then with 4, the male says I need lust, you say , this is for me, so if you put all 4 together its obvious that you mean, the lust is my need for love. Let me explain it, you need love, you have sex, sex has lust but it misses the touch that love has and brings the complete orgasm through lust. So in concusion need someone like me that knows how to love and has lots of lust underneath when it comes on worshipping the female body in all its majesty…lol.

    Ok, I turned it to my need your love letter but then again I am but a man…lol.


    • Hey…I’m a Nymphomaniac so yeah, I need lust, BUT…Also being a woman, I WANT love. I NEED sex (LUST), but I REQUIRE love. It’s the love part I have not yet obtained. All too many men are certainly willing to extend me the Lust part I need, however, not ONE has displayed his or her love.( I am Bi-sexual)…Sigh…


      • The lust is my need for love, which I wrote above means, the sex that I do is actually because I need love and haven’t found it yet. That’s why you are Nymp….though I don’t believe its so extreme as you place it, but either way, if you the requirement of love existed then you would not need so often sex anymore or maybe not at all.
        Maybe if someone started as friend, then did not accept the sex part, and then continue the friend part and that friendshiip evolved into that what you women call love…but then again, even when a male is so nice to you, you just call him gay.


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