Rehab Bound

Well folks, the day of reckoning is at hand. Tomorrow I enter a rehab facility for 28 or 30 days I can’t remember. I have checked with the administration and they said that I CAN bring my computer BUT, it will be stored away until they feel that I am OK enough to use it.

So…I won’t be on WordPress for a while. Know that I love each and every one of you out there and am sorry about this, BUT, for MY health and welfare it was probably the best decision I have ever made.

Here’s the way I look at it. I saw my mother go through this and it killed her. She went from a loving, kind, and hard working woman to just a shred of a Human Being who couldn’t do ANYTHING without being drunk.

As you may or may NOT know, I have been a highly functioning alcoholic for a while now. I have come to the crossroads; I SWORE that I would NEVER be my mother, and yet, I am on the same track. I worked VERY hard to get away from that life, and NOW, I see myself through my mother’s eyes walking in HER shoes.

I will really miss this place. For ME, it has become a refuge, a sanctuary if you will to forget the stresses of my life. For a short while daily, I come here and try and write something that will hopefully brighten your day, and  put a smile on your face.

I’ve been told that I will not even have time to write initially based on the high intensity psychological therapy I’ll be receiving. The place is huge and it is VERY serene. I guess the idea is to find out WHY I drink and to adjust my brain accordingly. This is REALLY going to SUCK. I am sure NOT looking forward to detoxing, BUT, it HAS to be done.
I have made a commitment to myself that I will return a sober and more well-adjusted Human Being (Fingers Crossed).

All that I ask is that you PLEASE don’t forget me; as you can be assured that I will carry each and every one of YOU in my heart and be back here as soon as I can…
I love you all…God Speed,


14 thoughts on “Rehab Bound

  1. You will not be forgotten. So wonderful you are doing this. In about two weeks you are going to start feeling so FREE and light and you will be so very grateful that you did this. We are pulling for you and we will all be here when you get back. Have no fear, a better future is unfolding for you. I am proud of you~


  2. I stopped counting on days of not smoking after the 4th day, cause I don’t even need to smoke, even if I see my wife smoking next to me every day. I mean, its all about perception, when you do adjust your mind to the perception of the thing you want to accept as logic, then no matter what temptation comes through your way, be it stress, anxiety, too much joy lol, or just boredom, you still don’t kneel on that temptation, because you don’t feel like doing so, because its just like drinking water, no reason to think of are thirsty you drink…ok..maybe it was not so successful the drink example, since you are going to a rehab..but tha’s a start actually, that you accepted that you have to fight it…now, personally I would never go to a rehab if I had a drinking problem, fortunately never did i like alcohol, once in my life just out of curiosity I tried all kind of alcohol to see how it is and got drunk, but then I realized its not fun…lol
    So, my opinion is that you don’t need rehab or any sort of rehab..all those facilities are there to grab your money and put inside your head all sort of idiot explanations regarding the problem that you have and attended to them for fix…lol./..Ill say more but for the time being…going to eat some cheese…lol..squick…I feel like a mouse lol, I love


    • My dear Greek friend: I have tried and tried to stop on my own and each time I have relapsed. That’s why I NEED to get some professional help. I have an addiction tat I NEED to kick and I WILL!!! Thanks so much for your support and I will see you back in 30 days…God Speed!!!


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