Life in the Asylum (I mean Rehab.)



I am BACK; thank the deities I am back. I thought I would NEVER get out of that place… THEY refer to it as PARADISE; I referred to it as the looney bin for recovering drunks. Honestly, never have I ever seen so many drunks gathered together in one place, it was like a drunk’s reunion.

I must admit, I walked in tall and determined, but that was because I had already had a couple of drinks ahead of time to prepare myself for the long awaited DRY SPELL. I got there and the administrator IMMEDIATELY yelled at me for drinking, YIKES!!!!! I am NOT used to people yelling at ME, I am the one who usually does the yelling.

After quivering like a baby, my guide, a FOXY lookin’ chick showed me to my room. It was stark; it had two single beds, two dressers, a common desk and a window. Ahhhh the window, thank God for the window. It had a beautiful view of the pond and water fountain… Spewing Vodka I was hoping, NO such LUCK!!!

I met my room-mate, a nice woman with a beard of a Circus lady, and the breath that could kill all the zombies off in case of a zombie attack. WOW!!! We shared stories and then it was time for dinner.
 Ahhhh the food, the only one GOOD thing I can say for the place. I had a sumptious dinner of steak, salad, bread, roasted asparagus and coffee. For dessert, they had the best bread pudding I have ever eaten.

After dinner, they ran a general AA meeting where everyone got up and told their stories. I had them in tears. I know, I am such an attention hog, shoot me. We concluded the evening with the Serenity Prayer and then we all went back to our Cells rooms. Lights out by 10:00 PM, day one over and the journey begins…I will end here and pick it up later.

Until Later…

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