Just Ask Sooz


Dirt-Eating-Geophagy-and-Cravings-For-Non-Food-Items-Pica.jpg (326×471)

Dear Sooz:

I know you like quirky letters so I thought I would write you, here’s my problem. I am a 32 year old woman who loves to eat clay, Playdoh, and sand.

It all started when I was a child in school where they had modeling clay during playtime. I would make stuff and then secretly eat some of it. I have always loved the taste and have never gotten the craving out of my system.

When I go to the beach, it’s the sand that I love to eat. I know this is weird but I just can’t help it. I probably go through three sets of Playdoh and modelling clay per week. I seem to have no ill effects and yet I am ashamed, what can I do? Am I crazy?

Sandy Beach-less

Dear Sandy:
No, you are NOT crazy, well, not because of this eating disorder anyway. While I’m NOT a Dr., I’m guessing you have a condition known as Pica. It is generally characterized by acquiring a taste for things that are non-nutritive like, clay, ice, sand, and many other strange things.

Just out of curiosity, how do you like your Playdoh, rolled into balls, sausage like, or do you just take it to go? Just kidding here…Sorry.

I definitely recommend that you see your Dr. immediately as there can be complications with your digestive tract. This CAN be controlled, so see your physician as soon as you can. Obviously you are still with us and you haven’t mentioned any health problems, but, sooner or later with this eating habit, you may be pushing your luck.
By taking control of this problem now, you will lead a better and more “normal” life, AND, there will be much more BEACH and PLAYDOH left for US and other children to enjoy. I wish you much success.



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