Sue’s Fractured Fairy Tales



Once upon a time in a land far far away, (I never get tired of that opening), there lived a poor farmer and his wife. They were a happy couple, worked hard throughout the day tending to their fields, feeding their chickens, slopping their pigs, and, at the end of the day, they came back to their small shack of a home, ate dinner and went to bed.

Now, the farmer and his wife were a happy couple, (I said this before but I just wanted to make sure you were paying attention), and for years, they had been trying to have children but were never lucky enough to conceive.

One day while the farmer was out in the fields, a great gust of wind arose from the West out of nowhere. When the farmer looked up, standing before him was an old withered man with a cane. Well, the farmer was amazed and asked, “Where did YOU come from?”

The old man looked up at the farmer with his worn face and stubbly beard and said, ” I am your hope and your salvation. I come from a long line of fairies and I am here to answer your prayers.” “What do you mean the farmer asked, confused?”

“I am here to grant your request for a baby said the fairy, BUT…before I grant your wish, there is just one SMALL request I would ask of you.” The farmer slowly nodded and said “ANYTHING”. Well said the fairy, I need you to sell off all your chickens to raise enough money to buy me new cane.” “Sure” said the farmer, “I’ll do it today.” “No”, said the fairy, wait until tomorrow, you MAY get a better price”.

The farmer agreed and was happy as a new born pig in mud. He RAN home, told his wife what had happened and she just beamed with happiness. Now, being over zealous, his wife thought why wait until tomorrow? She gathered all the chickens and the eggs, took them to market while the farmer napped, and sold all the chickens.

Upon receiving the money, she departed for home. Half way across the fields, a huge gust of wind appeared. There before her stood the old fairy with his cane. Angrily, he addressed the wife and said, “I told your husband NOT to sell the chickens until TOMORROW, now I do NOT have enough money to buy a new cane.”

Apologizing, the farmers wife pleaded to the fairy to have pity on them and begged him to give them a child. The fairy refused and  disappeared into a puff of smoke.

Moral: Never do TODAY what you can put OFF until TOMORROW!!!!!!!

Hey, back off BUCKOS…I just write them…

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