The Easter Bunny


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When I was a kid, growing up Catholic was a challenge. First, there was Catholic schools with sadistic nuns, feelings of constant guilt as to whether I would go to Heaven, just because I swiped a piece of candy while shopping with my mother, and of course constant finger pain inflicted upon you by the sadistic nuns. 

Here’s where I’m going with this, when Lent came around, my family always made me give up something I REALLY loved for the 40 day period before Easter as a sacrifice,(I guess). Usually it was one of my favorite TV shows at the time, and YES, we had TV back then…Gheese!!! 

Anyway, I would be soooooooooo glad when Easter came because Then I could watch my favorite TV show again. My favorite thing about Easter though was because of Easter Bunny coming. He/she would leave colored eggs, candy, small toys to play with, and of course the basket with these delicious treats was always hidden. 

That’s right, early Easter morning I would sneak into Mommy’s and Daddy’s room, wake them up, (quietly of course…HEY….GET THE HELL UP YOU GUYS, THE EASTER BUNNY CAME LAST NIGHT!!!), and begged them to start the search for my basket. 

Usually, the basket was hidden in a rather obvious place because I was little and didn’t have my GPS skills honed at that point in my life. They would watch as I would search behind the couch or in the laundry hamper until I would finally find my stash of gold. 

I would hoot and holler like a banshee on steroids when I would find my stash,  they would grin from ear to ear. Ahhhh, those were the memories that take me back during this Easter season. To be a kid again would be great wouldn’t it?


I hope everyone out there has a very Happy Easter, and may all your dreams come true…





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