Ten Things I will NOT Do Today


10. I will NOT speak evil of the UGLY *&^%&%*** F**K who just dinged my 40k car. Idiot!!!!

09. I will NOT be intolerant when some mindless employee suggests we put in a suggestion boxOK….NOT gonna happen…

08. I will NOT become upset just because someone is taking pot shots at me from the ledge of the adjacent building.

07. I will NOT drink today unless it is a special occasion like beingOhhh I don’t knowLet’s say Tuesday(((Just Kidding))).

06. I will NOT strip off my bra just because it is HOT in the board meeting.

05. I will NOT have sex on my desk again today, just because it is clean.

04. I will NOT go out with Bill just because he has a big dick, a beautiful car, and a huge bank accountWellOK….MAYBE!!!

03. I will NOT be an enticing, sexy, manipulative, and did I say sexy bitch today……. WaitWho am I KIDDING!!!

02. I will NOT Moan and Bitch and Complain….Unless I REALLY need to…

01. I will NOT write any more stupid top 10 lists….BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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