Text or Not To Text…That is The Question


In todays society, we are caught up in the illusive trap of technology. We live in a social networking world with Tweets, Instagrams, E-mail, Facebook, and every other social networking site you can POSSIBLY think of, am I right?

I mean, where would we BE without our cell phones… OMG!!!! SHUDDER!!! YesYesI TOO am guilty, but what ever happened to good old fashioned letter writing or GOD FORBID…TALKING to each other. Don’t get me wrong, I am not KNOCKING technology, I just think we should be more personable again and actually carry on a CONVERSATION instead of Twittering away our lives…

Here’s an example, I went to lunch the other day and here are two grown women sitting at the table with a phone in each hand typing away like they were trying to put out a fire or something. They WEREN’T talking amongst themselves mind you, they were diddling with their phones.

OKNow here is the really ODD partThey were texting EACHOTHER!!! I kid you NOT!!! One would text and the other would then text right back and laugh. FINALLYWhen their food came, they put the phones down on the table and only used them for emergency TEXTS ONLYLet me just say that their phones NEVER stopped beepingREALLY PEOPLE?????? SERIOUSLY????

Where will this insanity end folks? Are we so driven now by the social networking components of our lives that we have FORGOTTEN how to relate to each other through normal every day conversation? Think about itThe US Postal Service, I am guessing, will be NO MORE within the next 10 years.

 It will be replaced with Fed Ex and emailing. I mean WHO in their right mind actually wants to take the time and WRITE out something, ADDRESS the envelope, put a STAMP on it, and then, go and MAIL the damned thing? OMG…I am TIRED OUT just thinking about this involved process.

The point is… TALK to each other… Get the FEELING and the EMOTION behind the words. Let’s get back to basics and once again become a society of CONVERSATIONALISTS instead of a mindless world of words on a pageOOPS… SorryI have to go nowmy phone is beeping…

Until Later…

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