How to Tell if a Guy is Really Into You

How many times has this happened to you, you meet a guy who seems charming and funny, and you wanna have his babies? The only thing is, you don’t know if he is really that into you, how can you tell?

Here are some signs to look for to help you see if he really IS into you, or just taking you for a ride:

* He laughs at all your jokesEven if they suck. This is a sure sign as he is actually trying to listen to you and impress on you that he cares.

* He has trouble speaking around youThis is very common for a guy who tries to over impress you and then falls short by stumbling over his wordsIt is sooooooooooo cute too…

* He asks you if you would like to “hang out” sometimeGuys HATE the word dateIt’s like giving you a life long commitment in their minds. Hanging out means they wanna be with you and that they wanna spend some quality time with you.

* He smiles at you all the timeEither he is practicing for his next staring DENTAL role, or he really likes you.

* He looks you in the eye when you are talking as opposed to your BOOBS. (Boob staring is OK, but come on guys… We have a brain too).

* Dressing to impress youYesI know that  while the style “dress-up” now consists of ripped jeans and a Fuck You tee shirt, if he wears clean, dockers and a nice shirtSet the wedding date…

* He hangs on your every wordWhile this is EXTREEMLY difficult for guys to do (considering their short attention spans), if he doesyou’ve got a keeper.

These of course are just a few ways to know, but believe meThey are tried and trueI hope that you are lucky enough to get a guy who has a few of these qualities becauseIf you do…I hear wedding bells in your futureORat least the pitter patter of little feetTalk to you all later…

Until later…

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