Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I really don’t know how to start this letter. I have been following you, and you seem like you give people good advice. My situation borders on the crazy, I hope you can help me.

You see Sooz, I am a sexual mess. I am a 28 year old bisexual woman who loves to watch others having sex. I “need” to watch porn of others becoming aroused, women getting wet, and then watching as they writhe in passion.

Usually, I start masturbating as I watch because I become just soaked with lusting desire. My partners think I am crazy that I need to do this before I can become aroused. What do you think? Is this normal, and can you help me?

Soaked in Tampa

Dear Soaked:

First, let me just say that you are NOT crazy. Everybody has different sexual needs, wants, and desires. I myself have sexual ODDITIES if you will, that some may think crazy.

My question to you would be, are you able to have normal sex after following this routine? I mean will your partners play along with this and then have sex? If so, I see nothing wrong with you engaging in this activity.

Of courseLet me be clearIf you are engaging in ANY form of child pornography, you need help immediately as there IS a problem. Not only is it illegal, but it is something that would need to be addressed via a Psychiatrist, Trained Therapist, or Sex Therapist.

Otherwise, I would say that you, like the rest of the world’s population is screwed up, go and have yourself a good and healthy sex lifeGood Luck…

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