Internet Dating For Dummies


Being a single woman in my early 40’s ( I better not hear snorting and snickering here), I can honestly say that the dating game has vastly changed. The “OLD DAYS” of meeting someone at the Laundromat and or the grocery story store are gone and has been replaced by electronic dating.

I really miss those days of yore when you could just wear a low cut top and some short shorts and pick up a guy at the market. OK…I agree that can STILL happen, but, the likelihood of those days has gone Waaaaaaaaaay down.

First of all, people are way too busy to be looking at my boobs while folding unmentionables or when squeezing melons(OH come onI’m talking about HONEYDUE melons here people)Now we have the internet with companies like E Harmony, Match.Com and of course let’s not forget MY favoriteFind a Fuck.Com ( That was a joke in case you didn’t pick up on that one…

Now, you can pick out a guy from thousands of guys/girls who have the same likes, dislikes, and sexual Oddities and kinky junk as YOU have. Usually, what you’re sent is a 10 year old picture of Don Juan with a full head of hair showing, and muscles to make Superman envious.

Unfortunately, what you GET is a balding guy with a big gut, and the stamina of Mini Mouse. I have tried internet dating and have decided that I would be MUCH better off just going to E-Bay and getting a nice looking Dildo complete with a set of Porn tapes.

I’m SURE there is someone out there for me, it’s just a matter of kissing enough frogs. WellI’ve got to go now, I’m going to put on a nice low cut Boob blouse and my tightest pair of short shortsYup, you guessed it, I’m going grocery shopping. Talk to you all later…

Until Later…

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