Office Romances–Good , Bad, And Ugly


Let’s be honest here, office romances are common. I know the old adage is to NOT have an office affair because it could affect your work, and that is true. Many people get caught up in a trist at work and then later, break it off, thus affecting their job performance.

The HR department at most jobs either prohibits, or discourages employees hooking up with each otherSeriously??? It’s GONNA happen people, it is just part of Human Nature.

Think about it, you’re at work 40 hours or more a week with these people, and as such, you are going to get to know them pretty well. Betty likes cats and is an outdoor junkie, Bill is in a bad marriage and complains about it all the time, Bob likes suchi and is a womanizerThis goes on all the time folks.

I would take a guess here and say that overall, people know their work co-horts better than they do their own wives, husbands or significiant others. It’s no WONDER that office  romance can bloom. Add to that alcohol at an office party, or overnight “business” trips, and the seed for romance is planted.

Can this be badYES!!!! Especially if it is a casual hook-up for one, and a NON-casual one for the other. Feelings get involved, tempers flare, and the work routine suffers.
So, what can we do to avoid these pitfalls at work? First of all, NEVER mix office talk with PILLOW talk. This is one of the WORST possible things you can do. Pretty soon, he/she knows everything there is to know about YOUR job, and whether or not you ENJOY it, HATE it, or otherwise. This is fuel for a disaster folksDON’T do it.

Don’t show signs of affection at work. People will talk and it could get back to HR or your supervisor. I KNOWI’ve had to fire a few employees for this because of worsening job performance.

Try and realize what you are doing. Have a break-up plan in place so that in event you DO split, it dosen’t affect your job performance. Best advise I can giveEither DON’T start one in the first place OR Become a couple and get married. This plan gets EVERYONE off your back.

Romance in the work place IS gonna happen folks, just be smart about it and have the BEST of both worlds….

Until Later…

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