How to Become a Happy Person


Ella Wheerler Wilcox wrote: Laugh and the world laughs with you, Weep, and you weep alone. How true the beginning line of her poem is, isn’t it?

We All wanna be happy campers and here are just a few ways to accomplish that goal. Drink more….”No….No….No… That’s not right Sooz… Come on here…. People respect you and might actually start DOING that.” “Oops!!! MY BAD!!! How about snort more Coke???” Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Be serious here for just a minute now will yaGheese!!!”

 “Oh, OK”I will, but I thought these were funny.” “They WERE, but you need to give folks the STRAIGHT skinny here or they’re not gonna keep reading your”. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OKGotcha…

1.   Try and hang out with Happy and Funny people. Remember… Momma would always say,” You ARE who you hang out with. OK, Momma NEVER  REALLY really said that BUT, anytime MOMMA was attached to the sentence, people have a tendency to BELIEVE itAnyway, it SOUNDS good.

2.   Be compassionateThe more compassionate you are, the better it will make YOU feel. The better YOU feel, the happier you will be.

3.   DO random acts of kindness for people. Ex. Pay for the guys lunch in a Macdonalds lineOR, how about paying the quarter toll for one or several people on State Hwys? Again, this will make you feel good about yourself and HOPEFULLY, the people you did it for will also respond in kind some time.

4.   Smile more. It takes a lot less muscles to frown than it does to smile. Plus, it’s HARD to be upset, mad, sad, or have negative emotions when you are smiling. SMILE DAMMIT!!!!!!

5.   Believe in yourself—This is a KEY point. If you have faith and confidence in yourself, you can FEEL the energy just explode through your body. It has been proven that confident people are much happier people AND they LIVE longer too… Ya wanna LIVE longer don’t ya?

6. Start the day with positive affirmations–Ex. When you get up in the morning, roll outta that bed and say…”This is gonna be the BEST day ever”This will help you set the tone for the day and it will ALSO feed your energyDon’t BELIEVE it??? Try it!!!

7.   Forgive others— This is a powerful one,and also one that has to be practiced sometimes over and over to make it an inbred thing. The truth isThe more we are able to forgive others for their transgressions, the less negative energy we will carry with us,and thus, we will become happier people. Try these and I GUARANTEE you will become a happier person. OKReady??? Try these now or I’m tellin‘ your Momma…

Until Later…

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