Sensual Friday–Things That Make You Hot


SureI Could be talking about the weather here or extremely hot peppers but I’m NOT. I’m talking about sexual or sensual things that start your sexual engine, make you just wanna grab your partner OR the person next to you and just have crazy monkey sex.

Actually, I have never seen monkeys have sex so I don’t really know what all the hullabaloo is all about. Although, I am sure it is complete with watching porn, having expensive champagne and thenWell doing it!!!

Of course every one of us is different when it comes to THAT department. I, myself, like to see a sexy dressed woman in a low cut top and wide slit running down her leg. I also like to see guys with NICE butts and wearing nice tight pantsStarting to shiver here just thinking about that…

For many womenJust having a man do the dishes after the meal can create the spark necessary to ignite that sexual flame. Or, how about doing some of the house chores like vaccuming??? Ladies??? I also know that THIS would do it for ME!!!

Every one has a DIFFERENT turn on point, what’s yours??? Come on….This could be fun, PLUS, if you DO have a significant other, he/she should pay attention so that maybe they could “GET SOME” tonightHope to hear for you all…

Until Later…

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