Sue’s Fractured Fairy Tales


Once upon a time a long time ago, there lived 2 friends named Moose and Squirrel. They also had two enemies named Boris and Natashia. “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Wait a minute here Sooz, that’s the Rocky and Bulwinkle show. You can’t talk about that without penalty of copyright infringement”…

OKHow about Once upon a timeBlaBlaBlaThere was a girl who lived with her grandmother in the woods. She always wore a red hoodie and had glass slippers.

“BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Sooz, THAT’S the story of Little Red Riding Hood Rapper with a Cinderella twist.”

“Somehow , this just isn’t working out very well today for me is it?” “AlrightLet me try it one last time.” Once upon a Yadda… YaddaYadda, there lived 3 Billy Goats. Now… In the forest, there ALSO lived a mean old Troll under a bridge…”

“WAIT!!!!!!!!!!” “HOLD THE PHONE !!!!!!!!!! What is WRONG with you today Sooz, have you lost your creative powers and need to STEAL someone else’s work?” “I mean, is it really THAT hard to write a 300-500 word story that has GREAT content, is VERY amusing, and people will just never stop talking about how interesting it was and how it had a wonderful moral at the end?”

“Perhaps you should go back to drinking like a fish, at least when you were drunk, you always seemed to come up with something creativeGheese….”

“No, I’m not going back to drinking, I’ll just put a moral into THIS blog…


“When you’re HOT, you’re HOT, when you’re NOT, you’re NOT, but when you’re LaidYou’re Happy…” “Oh SHUT UP!!! It WAS too funny!!!!”

Until Later…

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