Are You Starin’ at ME??????????



Last night I had to do one of my FAVORITE thingsA SHOPPING runNOT!!!!! What can I say, I had no choice, all I had to eat in the house was popcorn and orange juice. Now,don’t get me wrong, popcorn and orange juice is GREAT if you’re not having a dinner party, OR, if your friends are all stoned, drunk, or well… asleep, but THIS, probably wasn’t going to happen as I was entertaining clients from Mitsubishi.

YESI was having it catered, but… I ALSO cook and wanted to make my OWN orderves, and a scrumptious dessert, bottom line, the dreaded chore needed to be done.

A little background here, I was just coming from work and I was dressed for success. I was wearing a black pants suit with a white top, (OKI had 3 buttons undone SUE ME!!!), 3 inch heels and had on just a splash of Joy perfume. I was NOT going on the HUNT here folks, I just wanted to buy some damn food.

I entered the store around 7:00 PM and it was hoppin’. Well, from the minute I walked in, pretty much every guy that was within eye shot had glanced my way. Some, more cunning than others, gave the impression that they WEREN’T staring, yet they slyly turned their heads every time I turned MY head or went down the isle.

One guy actually stopped me, looked me in the eye and said, “I must be in Heaven cause I am looking at an angel”. Oh brother!!! SERIOUSLY!!! Is THAT the best you’ve got?? I just smiled and politely  said, “Sorry, no angels here, just us little Devils looking for some Mascarpone.” He smiled, I smiled, he tried to stop and talk, but I just excused myself, told him I was in a hurry and ventured on my way.

Twice more I was ogled, and it started to feel uncomfortable. Picking up what I needed, I quickly paid for the items and hightailed my little ass outta there and back to my place.

LookI like to be admired just like anyone else, it’s an ego booster, but here’s a tip, LOOK AT MY FACE… Not just at my BOOBS or my ASS. Next time, I will go home first, change into some baggy ass jeans, wear a cut off flannel shirt, and mess up my hair before shopping…. Geese!!!!!

Until Later…



2 thoughts on “Are You Starin’ at ME??????????

  1. In my country, you’ve got people staring at you all the time, male or female for no reason whatsoever. Especially young guys here who are a bunch of assholes staring at you even of you’re covered.
    Next time punch any assholes who stare at your boobs or ass. I’d spray them in the face if they kept it up. Honestly, men have no respect. 😦


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