How Stupid is This





The other night I was home watching 48 Hours on Television and I must admit, I was shocked and appalled by the end of the show. These are shows that usually involve a murder where they develop the story to tell you “who” did it, and “IF” they were convicted.

In this show, there was a beautiful couple involved. They had been married for 20 years and FINALLY the wife decided to divorce her husband, JUST because he had had SEVERAL affairs. GO FIGURE, RIGHT??????

As the show developed, it tells how the couple divorced and that they supposedly STILL had an amicable relationship between them. This didn’t seem to last long, however, as the wife was MURDERED.

Usually, in these stories, it’s always the HUSBAND who does itDUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, they bring the husband in for questioning, and GUESS WHAT, he says he didn’t do it. He said that at the time of the murder he was riding his bike and UNFORTUNATELY no-one saw him.

OKHere is the weird part though, at the crime scene, NOI mean absolutely NO forensic evidence was found. No prints, no DNA, no blood spatter, no hairs or fibers….I mean NADDA.ZIP….ZERO evidence.

It took authorities two years to finally arrest the husband, and here is why. Police found bicycle tire tracks that matched the husband’s bike just a short distance from the crime scene. Also there were footprints that matched the same kind that he wore.

He claims that YES, he was riding out that way, but that the evidence found was NOT his. Then, there was the matter of his cell phone. According to friends and relatives, his girls had tried to call him around the time of the murder but his cell was dead.

This was unusual they said as he ALWAYS had his cell phone on in case his girls called. He claims that his battery had died and that is why they couldn’t reach him. So, after two years, they arrested him with just the circumstantial evidence and held a trial.

Bottom line here folks, he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. OKI wasn’t on the jury, but, how could ANYONE not have reasonable doubt without ANY forensic evidence? This, to me, just frost my kidneyThis meansPISSED ME OFF!!!

I thought that here in America, people were INNOCENT until proven guilty. How in the HELL could they have proved him guilty without a SHRED of PHYSICAL evidence?

As I saidI was shocked and appalled, it made me question the Justice system, and made me wonder how many INNOCENT people have been put in jail under similar circumstances. To ME, this was a sad day. I WOULD like to hear your thoughts….What do YOU think? Let me know…

Until later…



3 thoughts on “How Stupid is This

  1. They should use dog sniffers they would get the evidence they needed. Momwithoutpaws thinks dogs should be used alot more in law reinforcement


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