Wicked Wednesday


Take me, make the Earth move under me,

I am yours, do with me what you will.

My NEED is great and my body ready,

Caress my skin, kiss my lips, and pleasure me.


Let me FEEL your muscle move deep within me,

Slow and true, touching every area of my wanton sex.

I am consumed with the burning flame of Lust, and I NEED to be quenched,

Drive me harder, harder, until I succumb to your manhood.


No longer can I reason, Breathing is labored,

Your body consumes my flame and satisfies my passion.

I am ONE within you,

Engulf me now and take me to ecstasy’s pleasure.


Moaning, I can no longer resist your driving urgency,

Crying out in pleasure,

I arch my back, and gasp once more, until my body writhes from Pleasure’s release.

Quieted, I have fallen from grace, and remain tightly held within your arms.

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