Just Ask Sooz-49

Dear Sooz:

I am a 27 year old man who has a girlfriend with a strange phobia. For the sake of this letter, let’s call her Sally. Sally is hooked on her smart phone. I know, this seems strange but she has this deep seeded fear that she will either lose or have her battery die out, leaving her without the means of communication.

Once, when we were out, her phone battery died, she actually became panicky and then became physically ill. I have tried to reassure her that everything is OK, but, this persistent fear of being without her cell phone scares the living Hell out of her.

What can I do to assure her that everything is OK, and that she doesn’t need her cell phone in order to be a well functioning individual?

Concerned Boyfriend

Dear Concerned:

WHAT???????????? For a minute there I thought you were just messing with me. No offense, but THIS chick is WACKO!!!!!! I did some research and found out that while there actually IS a phobia called Monophobia, (the fear of being out of mobile phone contact), this is certainly NOT a rational, healthy fear.

You have stumped me. I suggest you consult a professional Psychiatrist, or a mobile phone expert (HUMOR), to develop what is causing her symptoms.

 She may very well suffer from abandonment issues, but, THAT is not for ME to diagnose. Definitely have her consult a well trained professional and hopefully she can be helpedThank you for writing and I wish her much success with this.

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