Matters of The Heart-Problems Women Have With Men



n case you were wondering, this is NOT a bashing article about men, this is just an inside look of what WOMEN think based on hundreds of letters and conversations I have had over the years.
Now, does this qualify me as a therapist… NO, what it DOES, however, is give you a good look of how women think based on surveys that were returned.

You certainly DON’T have to agree, and I would welcome any comments you have after you’ve read it. These are things that women wished men would be more aware of in dealing with our feelings.

* We want to be nurtured and cared about.

* We don’t want to be labeled as sex objects

* Being domestic is OK, but we would like men to help out more around the house

* We would like you to be able to open up your feelings to us

* Remember… We like sex as much as you, but SOMETIMES we are just POOPED and need some sleep.

* We like to look nice for youSoWhen we buy a new dress, or make ourselves pretty for you, we would like you to NOTICE

* We NEED you to be FAITHFUL, there is NO trust once that bond is broken

* We want to feel VALUED for WHO we are, not just because we might be knockouts to look at

* We want you to act with integrity and be honest at all times

* Believe it or not, we LIKE to try and help you when things are tough, ASK us

* Above all else on the list here, (Well, except for the being faithful part), we would like you to be good listeners, NOT just have SELECTIVE hearing

If I left anything out ladies, please feel free to insert your thoughts. These were just the MOST repeated answers that came back from the survey.

I am open for all comments here, both guys and gals so don’t be shy. I would love to hear from all of you…

Until Later…

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