Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I’m just going to put this one out there. My boyfriend and I have been living with each other for two years now and we do everything together. Recently, my boyfriend caught a case of the Flu and has been feeling poorly.

Here’s the thing, he still wants to have sex. He says it will make him feel loved and that it will make him “feel better”. I’m sure it would Sooz, the problem is, I don’t want what he has, after all, I have a job to go to, the house to clean, and take care of our one year old daughter.

I do love him, but catching the Flu is just not my cup of tea. I’ve explained this to him, but he keeps on begging me to have sex and then cuddle afterwards. What can I do?

Torn in Tennessee

Dear Torn:

WTF??????? I can’t believe he is being such a jerk about this… Reason alone dictates that with what you have going on, he should be MORE than understanding about this and just roll over and die.

Explain to him that if he would like you to give up your income for a week, stop cleaning the house, and let your one year old be on her own, then FINE, move on over, you’re comin’ in…

If he remains being a jerk about this, mix LOTS of Ex-Lax into a cup of hot chocolate and give it to him with a sweet, loving smile. This should assure you a well needed rest for at LEAST a couple of days. Wink!!! Good luck…

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