Sexy Thursday–The Need

Morning breaks, and beads of wettness dance between my legs.
My NEED has awakened me, my humble servant’s hand responds.
Slowly caressing my naked flesh, as my garden responds heavenly to its touch.
Feel me, it cries out, Touch me, it pleads, come to me and explore my crevice.

Respectfully,my hand responds, as it glides slowly around my nipples.
Gracefully circling, softly pinching them together, my garden cries for its OWN attention now as I slowly feel my way down to pleasures nest.
Aching now for comfort, I encircle my mound, while inserting a finger inside my burning crevice.

I am HOT, I am Wanting, Pleasure is the ONLY thing on my mind.
In and out and around the garden I touch until containment is NO longer possible.
I am a slave, a slave to my needs, and my body KNOWS it.
Faster I feel until relief explodes through a wave of pleasure.

Pleasure has come, My NEED has won out, until the next time.




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