Sooz’s Answers to Aoifemarie’s Survey


I have alwas been addicted to answering surveys, so when I saw this, I just couldn’t resist. THANKS Aoifemarie….Hehehehe….

Are you a good liar?

HeyI’m in the Advertizing businessI’m a GREAT liar. Personal life–Only to protect someone’s feelings.


How did you fall in love the first time?

That’s an interesting question for me because I don’t believe I have EVER been in love. LUST everyday, never really had a long lasting relationship romantically.

A. I am usually too BZ, 

B. I don’t know if I am really capable of love based on my obsession with sex.

Are you currently or have you ever been addicted to something unhealthy?

Alcohol has been always my master. From the time I was small until just a few months ago I was drunk to some extent most of the time. Also nymphomania is another addiction…. Hey… EVERYONE needs a COUPLE of faults, RIGHT???

Could you handle the rigors of a long distance relationship?

NOPE!!! I’m afraid I wouldn’t make a very stable mate. My insatiable sex addiction would keep me from EVER being faithfulSAD…:(

Does/would your parent’s opinion of your partner matter to you?

If I WAS ever able to enter into a relationship NO!!! I am my own master and wouldn’t care what my parents thought about it if they were alive.

In your own eyes, are you a good person?

Good to who? Good is such a relative word. In MY eyes, yes, in many peoples eyes, No!!!

Have you ever had a near-death experience?

Yes!!! I had pneumonia once and actually died on the table for a minute before they could revive meTHAT’s a whole other UNBELIEVABLE blog in itself…

What is one quality that you think instantly makes someone attractive?

A HUGE wallet!!! Hehehehe.NO, humor has always been able to snag me into you. THAT, and honesty, there isn’t a lot of that going around in the world today.

What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?
I had a sheik for a client once who became enamored with me. He flew me to his country for dinner, drinks, and of course sex…

Do you think that physical chemistry is an important part of a relationship?

Oh YES!!! While some would say that it’s the mental aspect which keeps the heart glowing, I say it’s the genitals. 😉

Would you marry your partner if you knew they were suffering from a terminal illness?

If I was ever lucky enough to fall in love with someone, It WOULDN’T matter to me at all. I say grab the brass ring while you can and enjoy the happiness.

What was the worst thing you got grounded for as a child?

It was ALWAYS for getting drunk and doing something that the cops and I and friends didn’t agree onHehehehe…

Are you a person who keeps enemies, grudges or negative thoughts about a person?

Why??? What have you heard??? NoLife is too short to hold grudges, I just try and move on…

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