Life After Death—Fact or Fiction



Yesterday I answered a questionnaire by Aoifemarie, and one of the questions was: “Have You Ever Had a Near Death Experience?” This had always been a philosophical question in my mind between my upbringing, and my intellect.

I was raised as a “good” Catholic girl from an Irish family, yet, I never really believed in life after death. I guess in my OWN mind, I considered myself an Agnostic. I believed in an ENTITY, OR, a Spirituality if you will, but never really bought the concept of a Heaven or Hell.

As I grew older, I read many books on the subject, both pro and con, and I had determined that the concept whereby people saw a light, or floated above their bodies, was just  an element of the brain which was dying, seeming to ease one’s transition from life to death.

This was all well and good UNTIL I contracted Pneumonia. I had a very bad case, and it was excruciating to breathe. I remember just laying in the hospital bed wheezing for air. All of a sudden, I remember my body seeming to get lighter and lighter.

I remember feeling like I was floating ABOVE my body. I KNOW this sounds ridiculous, but it IS what happened. A team of around 10-12 Dr’s and nurses gathered around me, and started hand compressions on my heart as others raced for the defibrillator. At this point, I realized that I had died. From a distance, I say a corridor of white light, and at the end of this light, I saw my father, (Who had been dead for years), motioning to me to go back into my body.

I remember the Dr’s saying, “Charge to 100, then 120”, yet I felt NO pain, only a blissful happiness. I heard one Dr. ask,  “How long has she been gone now,” and one of the nurses answered, “a minute plus.” Again, I looked towards my father who THIS time, spoke to me just as clear as ever, “Princess, it’s not your time yet, go back.”

Acknowledging him with a big smile, I felt my body slowly return to my Earthly home. My eyes opened, and I heard one of the nurses say, “Welcome back young lady.” It was an experience I shall ever forget, and one that has made me a believer in life after death.

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