Scribbles Challenge–The Final Good Bye

In this challenge, we were supposed to write a story, poem, or humorous piece which represented the picture given. Below is MY take on the picture.

“I love you”, he whispered tenderly, as he picked up his valise and crept quietly towards the door. It was only to be a two day business trip, one in which he had taken many times before, only THIS time, she felt a sense of doom lurking overhead.

 He had asked if she wanted to go with him, but, she reclined, listing a myriad of things that needed to be attended to around the house. That uneasy feeling would just not leave her as she heard John’s taxi pull away from the curb.

He called that night, which made her feel more at ease, but still that nagging recurring feeling would just not let her be. It had been years since her anxiety had taken its hold on her, and yet, she felt like it was slowly creeping back again.

She decided to have a drink, watch some TV and just see if she could relax. She poured a double Bourbon and Coke, sat down, and watched TV by the fire. God that tasted good, she thought as the drink warmed and relaxed her entire body. She was FINALLY at ease and slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

She awoke at 3:14 Am from the sound of the phone ringing off the hook. “Hello”, she answered, “Mrs. Pettimore, this is Dr. Mills from San Francisco Memorial Hospital, your husband was brought in with a gunshot wound, and I’m afraid he is gone.”

Stunned and in shock, she dropped the phone and let out a blood curdling scream…”Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!” Tears started to stream down her face like raindrops flowing into a pond as she picked up the phone.

“I’m sorry mam”, said the Dr. and gave her the location to the Hospital. Immediately, she got dressed, and booked a flight to San Francisco.
When she arrived at the Hospital, she was escorted to the morgue for verification of her husband. As the attendants pulled back the sheet and exposed John’s face, she broke down and cried.

 She asked to be left alone for a few minutes, and while alone, she said her three final words to her beloved husband, “I love you.”


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