Back to School Time Blues-NOT!!!!!!!!!

So for some, school has already started, for others, school begins next Wednesday. One of the things I missed out on by NOT having kids, was that I never got to send them BACK to school.

Oh come onYou KNOW you can’t WAIT for those little yellow school busses to pick up your little darlings and haul them away for a good 6-8 hours. Relief is just a school bus away.

I can just picture being cooped up with them all day and thinking of things to do before they start eating the lead filled wallpaper that will change their IQ’s forever. I mean seriously, you’ve already taken them to the Zoo, the park, the Aquarium, and even the neighbors pool when they were on vacation.

Of course the Toughest part, must be the “Mommy, what can we do NOW?” This sentence is usually repeated at least two or three hundred times a day, and the ONLY thing that seems to quiet this incantation is the magic of BEDTIME. Funny, isn’t it, how bedtime seems to get earlier and earlier as the Summer progresses?

Then, finally the God Blessed day has arrived, school clothes costing 2 grand purchased, check, book bags with Disney princesses and Monsters Inc. Characters, check, lunches packed, checked, now all that is left to do is get the KIDS up after their long Summer’s nap.

Naturally, YOU’VE been so busy preparing for their departure, there is only 10 minutes left before the bus comes to take your kids away. Panic sets in, “COME ON you guys, GET UPThe bus is almost here.”

You shake them, yell to them, even DRAG them out of bed, there is NO way you are having them miss their first day of school and YOUR peace. Finally, they are coherent ENOUGH to send them on their way.

YOU, sit back, let out a BIG sigh of relief, and open a bottle of wine. HEY, you deserve it, right??? Thank GOD school is in session for at least another 9 months, PHEW!!!!!!

Until Later…

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