Vacation In Seattle–Duck Tour Ride

As I write this today, I am in beautiful Newcastle, Washington. The trials and tribulations of my job have been crushing me like grapes lately, sooooo, I decided to take the Labor Day weekend off and visit a friend of mine near Seattle.

I have been here many times, BUT, never as a tourist. Today, I took their famous Duck Tour. For those of you who don’t KNOW what a Duck Tour is, it’s where you get in a funny as Hell looking vehicle that was designed by the Navy during WW2, and is capable of both land AND sea maneuverability.

I KNOW,right, how can this even happen? I guess that’s why they call it a Duck Boat. In case you’re wondering, NO, it doesn’t quack, BUT, you can buy “QUACKERS” which DO make duck sounds to help enhance the experience. YES, I DID get one.

So, here I am in this seat built for one with TWO of us jamming into one tiny little space with the size just big enough for a mouse’s ass… OBVIOUSLY they weren’t originally designed to carry passengers.

Anyway, there I was “Quacker” in mouth, hands flailing in the air to to tune of Celebrate, and watching everybody making fools out of themselves just like me. Our tour guide was a wealth of information AND a comedian to boot.

We passed the famous Farmers Market, Bubble gum wall (all made from chewing gum just stuck on it by tourists and locals), and of course for all You Grey’s Anatomy fans, Seattle Grace Hospital where they filmed the outside for the TV series. THIS one I was kinda bummed out about though, because instead of a Hospital, it was just a huge office building and sports bar.

After the land tour, we headed for the docks to transform our car into a boat, who’d of thought??? We took a nice little trip around the outer banks of the city, and then headed back for shore again.

All in all, a good time was had by all. My mouth is STILL vibrating from all that duck call blowingTomorrowA harbor dinner cruiseYUM…

Until Later…


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