Why’s that Waskely Wabbit Always Smarter than Elmer Fudd-Discuss

I was up early this AM and I just HAPPENNED to have on the cartoon network (OK….I LIKE itSUE me…) and airing, was the Warner Brothers cartoon of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LIKE Bugs Bunny, BUT, I always feel sooooo sorry for Elmer, when that waskely wabbit outfoxes him ALL the time. I mean it JUST ISN’T FAIR!!!

OK, I can see The Road Runner outfoxing Cayotte because their BOTH animals, but come on, a Human and a rabbit??? I ask you, does THIS seem reasonable to ANYONE???

Yes… Yes… I know, Antagonist… Protagonist… Bla Bla Bla, but still, wouldn’t you just ONCE like to see Elmer Fudd COOK Bugs for dinner? OKOKthat would be the end of the show, so maybe he could just catch him, torture him for a while, and then let him go. What do you think?

I KNOW what you’re thinking here people, Sooz has the makings of a serial killer doesn’t sheEVIL LAUGH!!! ORMaybe she should just start watching HGTV instead huh?

Sorry,sometimes I just get carried away when I watch cartoons. I guess I should just stick with something I KNOW, like, Sex in the City reruns, or, maybe Porn TV.

Just once….Come on Warner BrothersJust ONCE!!! OK, I’m done now….I feel MUCH better….Phew!!!

Until later…

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