Suicide–Don’t Do It








Today in a Just Ask Sooz, I answered a woman back about how to address a suicide question. That post got me thinking about my OWN father’s suicide and how it affected my family.

Suicide occurs every 17 minutes and is rated number 10 as a cause of death. I realize that there are many reasons why people commit suicide, most of which are due to extreme depression. Folks, there is NO reason for this.
I can certainly understand people being depressed and thinking of taking their own lives, but, PLEASE GET HELP!! You will never know the pain and the anguish it causes to those close to you unless you go through it yourself.

Let me tell you, it takes a toll on those who love you, and they cannot understand WHY you did it. To THIS day, even after many years of therapy I am STILL angry, and have feelings of abandonment. There is NO reason for this. SEE a PROFESSIONAL who can help you with your problems.

Your family looks at your suicide as a WASTE, and a selfish act. Sure, the person who takes their life is free from the pain, BUT, the pain just begins (and LASTS) for those close to you.

Certainly there are those who are in severe pain and agony who want to die, but, for those folks, I would humbly recommend talking to your family BEFORE you decide to end your life. Let them KNOW how much they mean to you and WHY you are even contemplating such a thing. THAT way, if suicide IS committed, You UNDERSTAND the WHY.

I realize that I am rambling on here, but I have very strong feelings concerning this subject. If you are depressed, in pain, or just have feelings of inadequacy, PLEASE get help. You will be doing your family a favorThank you for being attentive…
Until Later…

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