How To NOT Hate Mondays Anymore


Why do we ALL hate Mondays and yet, nobody DOES anything about it??? I believe it’s about time we all stood up and declare: “I’m mad as Hell at Mondays, and I’m NOT gonna TAKE it anymore.”
I’m looking around and I didn’t see that many TAKERSCome on here people, BRAIN storm with me. First of all, let’s list some reasons why we all HATE Mondays, and then, let’s see what we can do about them…

I, for one, hate Mondays because I have to get up at some ungodly hour to get ready, when on the weekends, I can sleep as late as I want. I also hate Mondays because it’s the FIRST day of the week and I realize that I have 4 more to go after that.

I USED to still be drunk most Monday mornings and I realized that I had to watch my alcohol intake during the DAY because it might affect my creativity. Luckily THOSE days are gone so now I just have to deal with the tired factor.

Seriously, how many of us are at our best on Mondays anyway? I mean, we relax (sort of) on the weekends, so it makes Monday even HARDER to go back to the old grind again.
SoWhat can we do? Hmmmmm.ThinkingThinkingHow about we go to Congress and lower our work week to only 3 days? Also, we can start CALLING Monday, Friday, THIS way it will trick our minds into thinking we are VERY near the weekend. Since we will be OFF on Tuesday, it will SEEM like the weekend has started.

OKWe can’t get around HUMP day, but that’s OK since we will be well rested from our day off on Tuesday. Of course after Wednesday, we get another day off on Thursday, helping us SLIDE into the weekend.

When Friday comes, we’re gonna start calling THAT day Monday. By having Monday at the END of the week, we will no longer be bothered by working it. Then, of course, comes our long weekend again, leaving us all refreshed and ready to start ??work again Friday. NowWho wants to go before Congress for us all???

Until Later…

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