Butta Bing Butta Boom Budget Meeting

Butta Bing Butta Boom Budget Meeting

Let me just start out by saying…”I HATE BUDGET MEETINGS!!!” PhewThere, I feel better nowUnderstand something, I have always been the creative person behind this Company, NOT the math genius…
Oh sure, I can add 2+4 (On a GOOD day), But, complex budgeting ISN’T my strongest suit. Yes…I went to school for business and marketing, and YesI DID have to take classes in economics, I just didn’t PAY ATTENTIONI was more interested in the Professor, (SHE was CUUUUTE), hey, how do you THINK I got an A????
Anyway, I get into the meeting, and right away, EVEN before COFFEE and SNACKS, THEY (The Suits), wanted to plow right into NumbersI NEED my coffee FIRST people!!! I can NOT make Thousands of dollar decisions WITHOUT caffeine.
They talked, I sleptI MEAN listenedThey talked some more, I got bored and started thinking about my NEXT projectDINNER. I Know, I know, I’m terrible when it comes to these and it IS my Company so I should be EXTREEMLY interested, I’m NOT!!! Give me the creative end of it and be DONE with me already…
We Finally settled on the budget for all departments and then EVERYONE was happyNOW can I get some coffee and snacksGheese!!!!!!
Until Later…

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