What is The World’s Favorite Food

Sometimes I just get these CRAZY notions into my head that I just HAVE to knowToday, it was about the WORLD’S Favorite Food. Any takers, come on now, no cheating!!!

If you guessed Cheeseburgers, you would be WRONG, but close. Hotdogs, Chicken, Tacos, NOPE!!! The number one food preferred around the globe isSay it with me peoplePIZZADing Ding Ding!!!!!!

Yup, the world has fallen in love with that gesture delicacy we call a Pizza. Everywhere people are clamoring for pizza. Pizza with ham, pineapple, anchovies, pepperoni, and of course the thing that ties all its goodness togetherCHEESE!!!

The first DOCUMENTED Pizza was from a little town in Italy known as Gaeta in 997 AD. Flat breads, however, like focaccia have been around many thousands of years. Usually the toppings back then were just some herbs and garlic on the flat bread and then used as a dinner food.

Cheeseburgers were #2 on the list with just about everything on them you could think of from many different parts of the globe. The favorite fixens for MY cheeseburgers are-Chili pepper, jalapeno peppers, and ketchup, mmmmmmmm…

In the USA, our favorite MEAL voted hands down was….Dum Dum DumThanksgiving Dinner. This, of course, comes with with the traditional turkey, or turducken, stuffing, and different assortments of vegetables, breads, and pies. OK, I must admit, it’s mine too, more Pumpkin Pie pleaseWHAT????

So tell me, what’s YOUR favorite food or meal? Man, is anybody ELSE  hungry???

Until Later…

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