Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:
This is not a typical Dear Sooz letter, I do not want any advice nor do I need any. I am writing this because I would like you to pass on to your readers something that may just enrich their lives.
I have a daughter and she is 28 years old. She was always a good girl, smart, and full of life. Always the life of the party, Melissa loved to dance. From the time she was 4, she had always wanted to become a professional ballerina.
One afternoon, she came home all excited and said that she had been invited to a party by a boy that she had had a crush on forever. You should have seen her Sooz, she was smiling, dancing around the kitchen, and was light as air.
That night, all dressed up to the nines, she was picked up and driven to the party. It was at 1:18 AM exactly that our phone rang. Melissa had been on her way home and had been hit by a drunk driver.
Scared to death, her father and I rushed to the hospital, only to find out that both her legs had been shattered, and that she would probably never walk again.
To make matters even worse, she suffered a brain injury, leaving her in a coma. We were sick, the waiting was killing us. The Dr’s said that they were uncertain when, or even “if” she would ever regain consciousness.
Days went by, then weeks, our poor beautiful girl lay helpless in a hospital bed, being fed through a tube, and with us reading to her as her only comfort.
Six months had passed and still no change. Every day we would ask the Dr’s and everyday we would get the same response, “We’re sorry Mr. and Mrs. Jenson, we just don’t know.” We cried, we were angry, we lashed out, we prayed, nothing seemed to help.
Then, one day, around month 7, there was a flicking of her finger followed by the flutter of her eye. Immediately we called in the Dr. and was told that could have just been a nervous reaction, but, that it could also be a sign of  stronger brain activity. Bottom line, 2 days later, my little girl was back, weak, but back.
Two years later, after several months of rehab. my daughter was walking again. Each and every day her legs got stronger and she was “determined” to dance again. Day in and day out she would exercise her legs until she got to the point where she was able to dance again.
Five years later, well, she is not a professional ballerina, but, she does have, and runs her own dance studio, specializing in the training of ballerinas. Her life has turned around full circle, and we as parents are certainly proud and grateful.
It just shows what can happen through prayer, and determined dedication. I sincerely hope this will help others who may be fortunate enough to help overcome some of the disabilities in their lives, and show that hope, is always something to hold on to.
Proud Parents in Minnesota

Dear Proud Parennts:
I sincerely thank you for your letter and will indeed pass it on to others. You’re right, hope IS a strong motivator…

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