Scribbles Challenge–Silence–

Hey Scribblers! this week we’re going  to build our writing skills by trying to describe the intangible. that means we can’t use physical description.. but we can refer to one obliquely.. as metaphor or comparison. since it has no physical reality it can be an excellent time to use surrealism. the emotions or feelings it creates  can give your readers an excellent idea of what you’re after.

Soooo.. the intangible you need to describe is silence. it is oppressive? blessed? uneasy? eerie? lasting? momentary? describe it to us and help us see and feel it.

*****This is MY rendition of this Challenge****

Scribbles Challenge–Silence–

I am found in lonely contemplation.
I reside in the halls of Darknesses’ abode.
I am sometimes deafening to the point of madness.
I am thee who forgives the wretched soul.

Find me in thy Temple, Evening is called thy time.
The mind knows me as solace.
Peace is often achieved through me.
My name is but a metaphor for contentment in a troubled, engaged Society.

Seek me, Find me, and I shall grant you everlasting contentment.

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