Recently, my head has been reeling from all the negativity going around. People beheaded by ISIS, the US economy is in the toilet, the National Debt is so large we will be bankrupt shortly, Ebola on the loose, even Little Green Men threatening to take over the world….ENOUGH already!!!!

I wanna have just ONE day, that’s right, just ONE day full of rainbows, lollipops, and Unicorns. Well, OK, there MAY not be Unicorns, but the rest is doable.

It’s no WONDER that people live in fear. There are too many “Forces of Evil” running around rampant out there. I say we discard the paper, Don’t Read the email headlines, and don’t talk to ANYONE tomorrow who starts in with a negative attitude.

Yup, that’s right folks, tomorrow is gonna be OUR HAPPY day. Well get up, go to work, or SLEEP, and just pretend that TODAY, we are living in Eutopia. We will accept being greeted by pleasant smiles, cheerful hellos, and “HAVE A NICE DAY” salutations ONLY!!!

Just think how great your ay would be without all the negativity. You could all come on over to MY place, I’ll fly you, get in the pool and sip on long and tall drinks with mint in them….Ahhhhhhhh….Doesn’t it sound GREAT???

WAIT!!! Who are those men waiting for me in black SUV’S outside my windowKeep the faith folks, I’ll find out what they want and be back in let’s say… 5-20YEARS!!!
Until Later…

2 thoughts on “Eutopia

  1. I totally agree ! I don’t watch the news if I can help it. The only TV I watch is Sci-fi usually from behind the sofa with my eyes closed 😀 Have a great weekend Sooz. ❤


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