My Rock, My Strength, Has Fallen

As I write today, tears fall from my eyes like raindrops upon a barren creek. My rock, the woman who raised me from a young age has passed. Some of you may remember her from my previous writings as my Aunt Carol.
When my mother dove deeper into the depths of alcoholism, my Aunt would feed me, clothe me, and make sure I went to school each day. She was a selfless woman who attended all my school functions, listened to me when I had problems, and counseled me when I needed advice. She was in fact my surrogate mother.
Early this morning, in her garden as usual, she suffered a major heart attack and died. I am at a loss now, my resolve shattered, and my faith weakened.
Farewell my love, my parent, my life. May you rest upon the shoulders of God, and Bless me from above. You will always remain within me, and I shall remain strong in your memory. May you play with angels, and sing forever in the peace of eternal rest.
I will miss you more than could be imagined.
Note: I will be off for a while until I can reconcile this within my soul.

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