Fellow Friends And Bloggers

I come here today NOT to delve deeper into the depths of despair, but to REVEL in the joy of friendship’s love. I am but a regular person here my friends, cut from the same cloth of Humanity as us all.
I take joy in the pleasures of life, but also feel hurt, and despair when one among us who is loved has fallen. Today, I have interred that fallen soul, and I pray that her strength be spread among the Heavens.
Before you, I come to extend my gratitude, and say thank you to each who has reached out, and has extended me the hand of love’s healing. You have replaced my heart of pain with the healing power of that love. For THAT, I shall be forever grateful.
You ALL have been my rock while going through this grief. I have but a FEW I call friends in real life, but MANY I call true friends here. One never really knows WHO, a true friend IS, until tragedy befalls them, NOW, I know, THANK YOU!!!
From the depths of my soul, I wish you ALL Universal Peace all the days of your lives. May you revel in the joys of your loved ones, but most of all, as you have granted ME, I give you my Love.
 Thank you ALL for being such a huge support during my time of need. I Love you all…
Erin (Sooz)

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