Deer Runs Buck Wild Through Furniture Store

I’m always up for a good news story so when this one broke, I just couldn’t resist. On October 26th. In Cedar Falls, Iowa, A Buck with a cornucopia of horns, busted through a furniture store window and began his shopping.

I guess he just couldn’t wait until the store opened. He wanted to get a “run” on all the sales before the REAL animals, the people, came running through, and started to grab all the sales before THEY could.

No one was hurt, according to UPI, the Buck just came in, did his shopping, and then exited through the back door, using his antlers to pry it open. I guess the proverbial “Bull in a China Shop” now has some competition.

The Buck was not hurt and appeared to have NOT purchased anything. I guess the sales were either NOT that good, or, the Buck just couldn’t find anything he really liked.

The store owner, Deb Emmert, said everyone was just yelling,”Get out of the way” and laughing as the Deer went his merry way, pushing furniture everywhere and then, just exiting through the back door.

It appears that EVERYONE had a good time, except for the deer who wound up with nothing but a bruised head and a bit of excitement.

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