Did We Ever REALLY Land on the Moon-Truth or Conspiracy Theory


Did we ever REALLY land on the moon? For years this question has been circling around the back rooms and dinner tables around the Nation. Many will say WHAT, of COURSE we did, while others firmly believe we didn’t.
Here are some of the reasons why folks say that we DIDN’T actually land there.
1.    Back in the 1960’s our technology was good, but many experts argue NOT good enough to accomplish such a feat. Many believe that robot probes had certainly been sent there, but argue that at the time, technology was not yet advanced enough to overcome the radiation belt of The Van Allen Sector, hence being able to bring  Human through the belt and return successfully alive.

2.    The Russians and the US had been racing back and forth throughout the decade of the 60’s trying to beat each other to be the first to land on the moon. With the US clearly trailing, the Government wanted to ensure that WE were the first to land there, thus, strenghthing our cold war status.

3.    There was so much money being funneled into landing on the moon before he decade ended, and KNOWING that we couldn’t pull this feat off in the time allocated and to ensure Government funding, the US FAKED the Television moon landing.

4.    The Moon landing re-instill a sense of PRIDE in the American people, thus taking their minds off of the Vietnam War and the economic troubles we had at the time.

Now, am I saying it didn’t happen, NO, I am just playing the devils advocate here. What are YOUR thoughts on the subject? Let me hear from you…
Until Later…

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