To drink, or NOT to drink, that is the question.
Before me sit two Chalices, one filled with liquid poison,one filled with Tea.
The first, bids me come hither, sip of my poison fruit.
Drink the cup of times past and redeem thy strength.

The other, challenges me to partake of its sustenance.
Drink from the cup of plenty and retain thy sanity.
Which cup holds the true course of reason?
I sit at a crossroads, pondering life, and basking in the abyss of loneliness.

I want not the ugliness of long ago,
Yet I yearn for the sensation of drunken pleasure.
I turn to you oh Spirit of Truth.
Let me walk in your footsteps, and acknowledge the presence of your wisdom.

Guide my decisions as I walk through this trying time.
Help me feel my heart, and touch the beauty of thy soul.
Keep me in your presence,
And let thy knowledge guide my fallen soul.

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