Just Ask Sooz

Recently, I have gotten some pretty cute letters from children who have asked me if Santa Claus is real or a fake. For these children, my answer is as follows:


Dear Children:

Is the love in your hearts real on Xmas morning when you share the good times and happy moments with your family? Do you love to be told stories about Xmas and the Holiday Season?

Do you leave cookies or some kind of treats out in the hopes that Santa and his reindeer will eat them and remember you kindly on Xmas morning? Does the spirit of Xmas ring within you as Christmas songs play on the radio or are sung by choirs and carolers?

Have you recently thought about getting presents or perhaps have even sat on a store Santas lap with the hope that your wishes would become reality? Does the Season bring out your excitement and renew your love of others?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions my dear little ones, then YES, there IS a Santa Clause. He reigns within your hopes, your dreams, and the love that is filled within you all.

May you All have a very Merry and Blessed Season, and may the love you find within your hearts now, live within you forever.

Until Later…

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