The Year That Was

As with most years, 2014 shared some ups and downs. Reeling from epidemic scares, tension in the World, loss of life from tragedies, and of course, on a Good note, Obama got another year closer to leaving office.
Let’s take a trip back in time and review our previous year.
·     December 14th…The deadly Ebola virus is in the news. A wide spread epidemic threatens millions as people quickly run to Walmart to buy surgical masks to put over their face. No one is shaking hands, people remain at least 20 feet away from each other during meetings, and a simple sneeze has people panicked and running to the Hospitals for a cure.

·     November 9th…ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), has seized vast mounts of land from the Middle East and has plans on establishing an Islamic State spreading across the borders of Iraq and Syria. The US, and many Middle Eastern countries have banded together and have purchased high quality Ali Baba SWORDS to help fight this militant group. Hopefully, with those high quality swords and a few well chosen Arabic words, we can overcome those Infidels.

·     May 25th… The Ukraine and the Crimean Crisis…Crimean President Viktor Yanukovych decides it’s time for another World crisis when he abandons his previous deal with Europe. EVERYONE gets pissed and decides to puff out their chests like angry little monkeys. In the meantime…The World watches like quiet little mice.

·     March 8th…The Malaysia Airlines Disapearence…Flight MH370 just vanishes after its morning take-off. An hour into the flight, the plane just VANISHES like a trick from David Coperfield. After extensive search efforts, the plane was never found leaving 227 people from 14 Nations unaccounted for.

·     February 19th….Facebook makes largest acquisition and buys WhatsApp. The sale price was 19 Billion Bucks. 3 billion cash, 4 billion in restricted shares, and the rest in free internet service or life. J

·     November 12th…Rosetta spacecraft lands on a Comet. This was VERY EXCITING news….WHY???? I have no idea…

·     September 24th…MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission) completes its mission to Mars. This was a spacecraft from India, and BECAUSE it was from India, it deserved International Media attention. Good job India!!!                                                           

Of course, there were MANY more exciting things that happened, but, not that I can REMEMBER….Sooooooooooooooo…My wish for all of you is to FORGET 2014, and to start making this year the BEST year ever…
Happy New Year to ALL!!!!!!

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