The IRS For Dummies


Work, pay taxes, eat less; enjoy only SOME of the fruits of your labor, and yet, our roads are potholed, our bridges are crumbling, our schools are underfunded and our National Debt grows larger.

Sound familiar, it SHOULD. Each year the Federal Government collects Trillions of dollars from our wages with the promise that our tax dollars will solve all our problems. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My question is, WHERE IS IT GOING?????????????????????? Oh sure, SOME of the money goes to repair and build our infrastructure, fund schools, etc., BUT, with TRILLIONS of dollars collected, we should have NO roads potholed, schools fully funded, and The National Debt should be paid down. I ask again…WHERE IS OUR MONEY GOING?????

We, as taxpayers, are asked to complacently give the Government between 20 to 35 % of our hard working revenue in exchange for the promise of a better country. IT’S NOT HAPPENING!!!!!!!

Hell, we can’t even keep our medical costs down or our own Social Security from going BROKE. What the HELL happened here people? It’s time the Government be accountable to it’s PEOPLE. Show us dollar for dollar where our money is being spent, and WHY with the amount of taxes that are collected, 2.524 Trillion Dollars in 2012, we can’t have a better National Infrastructure and our National Debt paid down.

I for one pay the highest tax rate, which is OK since my income is high. I just want some accountability for it, THAT’S all… I don’t believe that is being unfair. Several times I have written the IRS with this accountability issue and they have “passed it on” to have other agencies to look into it, YEAH…RIGHT!!!

No…I’m NOT gonna stop paying my taxes or throw Tea into the Boston Harbor, I just believe that as hard working American citizens, we have the RIGHT to know how our money is being spent. Anyone else with me here? Let me know.

5 thoughts on “The IRS For Dummies

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  2. I’m not American or live anywhere near, but it’s obvious. The White House has to be pretty. Your leaders have to have parties. They also have to be protected …… not you ! The Taliban are now sitting on $1000 toilet seats in Afghanistan. Money spent on analysts looking into potholes, creating pretty coloured charts of where they are. Thank heavens I live in Spain ……. oops …… same problems here ! xox ❤


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