The Greedy Greeting Card Companies


Do you remember when greeting cards were for Birthdays only? Now, it seems that due to immeasurable GREED, there is practically a holiday, special occasion, or a sentiment card that needs to be sent DAILY. What the HELL happened here???
I mean SWEETEST DAY…Come ON!!! OK, let’s be honest here, it was ORIGINALLY started with the candy company in order to increase business, BUT, the greeting card Co. took the lead and just ran with it.

Look, I like to be pampered and fussed over just like the next gal, BUT not on a frivolous made up holiday like that. Birthdays I can understand, anniversaries, OK, but WHERE does it end?
Just look at the “special occasion” cards they have out now:

Mother’s day
Father’s Day
Grandparent’s Day
Fourth of July
Sweetest Day
Secretary’s Day
Bosses’ Day (REALLY)???
Divorce Cards
Marriage Cards
New Year’s Cards
Pet Cards

The list goes on and on, what’s next:

Festival of Sleep Day
Peculiar People Day
Make Your Dreams Come True Day
National Hat Day
National Popcorn Day
National Hugging Day
Oh…How about National Kazoo Day

Yikes, is there no end? Now, I’m not against making money, after all it IS the core of our economic structure, I’m just saying let’s have a little dignity here people. Try and make the cards you have unique, that way, people will keep buying them for their creativity, NOT their quirkiness for made up Holidays.

This is just a personal opinion, but I will interject it because I CAN. Why not stop a lot of these drippy and stupid POEM cards? For me, it takes the sincerity out of the card. Why not replace it with heartfelt sentiment and NO rhyme?
OK, keep SOME rhymes, but not to the extent the greeting cards co’s. have them now. I believe that if they DID this, they would be well in the black, and there would be no NEED to make up ridiculous holidays. Just my opinion.

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